Saturday, October 30, 2010

The MG Marks its Territory - Again

I enjoyed a drive in the MGB this afternoon after helping Richard Cunningham pack a couple of E-Type gearboxes for shipment. The cool afternoon suited the old car and I took great delight in the top down driving conditions. The car ran like the proverbial sewing machine, revving to near the redline and playing a nice tune through the hooligan exhaust. All the gauge needles sat where they should be and there was nary a hint of a problem.

When I got into the garage, my long-suffering spouse was tending to a couple of furniture items that needed a cleanup before we brought them in the house. "I smell gas," said the missus, "right here," pointing to the quietly ticking MGB. I raised the bonnet and sure enough, one (hopefully just one) of the two SU carburetors had spewed expensive unleaded premium through the overflow, on the air deflector and onto the garage floor. Damn. Got the spark issue sorted out and now I've got a fueling problem.

I'll see about removing the float lids to see what I can see.


This just in- A sharp tap on the float bowl lids seemed to do the trick. A stuck needle appears to be the culprit. Thanks to everyone for advice!

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