Monday, November 1, 2010

One for the Brave Restorer

I'm always trolling the Internet to feed my classic British car fantasies and I find myself a regular visitor to the  purveyors of the particular crack cocaine that is my addiction. Case in point: Gullwing Motor Cars in Astoria, New York always has a nice selection of cars in various conditions from show-ready to basket cases.

One that falls somewhere in between is an intriguing 1934 MG J2 that the seller claims is a 30 year barn resident. The car sports Texas plates with the last tax sticker dating to 1972 or 77 - the photo is unclear. As you can see from the pictures, it is rather rough and the engine is sitting where the passenger's legs should be.

The MG J2 was powered by an 847 cc overhead cam, crossflow head design four cylinder engine. It shared this engine with various Morrises and Wolseleys of the day. Driving the car might be a bit of a challenge for inexperienced drivers as it has cable operated brakes and a completely unsynchronized four speed gearbox. In two years of J2 production, MG cranked out just under 2,200 of them. 

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