Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Terminal Triumphs

I ran this photo some years ago on the SABCC web site showing life (and cars) from a simpler time. 

The photo was shot by a Historic American Buildings Survey photographer documenting the impressive Gulf Mobile and Ohio railroad terminal in downtown Mobile, Alabama. The picture was taken in 1964, almost at the end of the depression-era HABS program's life. As with most cities, the railroad passenger terminal was the center for interstate travelers and the more elaborate the building, the better.

The sharp-eyed amongst you have probably already spotted the pair of Triumphs in the photo - they are parked in front of the building with their noses pointed outward. There is a TR-4 and a Herald side by side - the owners were probably Triumph buddies. You can click on the photo for a larger version.

The terminal building was recently re-purposed into an office complex and city bus line hub, saving the elegant old girl from the wrecking ball (no, that's not a Mardi Gras event).

I for one miss the old Tommie's Terminal Restaurant directly across the street from the GM&O building, almost at the photographer's back.  

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  1. Even as a child I was impressed by the GM&O building but I always thought that the word "terminal" in the name of a restaurant was a bad idea.


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