Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Wife, A Sports Car and an Old Photo

Last evening, when my long-suffering spouse and I were sifting through some old photos we ran across this one that I shot of her and my brother on a day trip to Dauphin Island, Alabama. We drove down there - three up - in Alan's 1971 MGB roadster. His car was British Racing Green with a tan interior and had a luggage rack on the bootlid. You'll also note the CB antenna on it too, good buddy.

This picture is about the only one of Alan's first MG that exists. Sadly, he didn't get many photos of it and the ones that were taken have been lost over time. This one was shot in the late summer of 1976, just mere months after the lady in the passenger seat married me.

Alan no longer has the car - he sold it many years ago to buy something more 'practical'. I doubt that there is a day that passes that he doesn't regret it. 

There is also of photo of me taken that same day and my hair is just as big as my brother's. How did the Missus keep her 'do looking so good? 

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