Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Watch the Cat Go Back Together

Richard's E-Type Before Disassembly
I don't own a Jaguar E-Type. Well, I do have a half-ownership of a pile parts (some pretty good ones, actually) that used to be a complete E-Type that has since given its soul to other E-Types around the world, but its hasn't been a driver since Bill Clinton was in office. I do have a friend that owns an E-Type that I've written about from time to time here and he's starting the reassembly process of his long term restoration.

Richard Cunningham's 1964 E-Type coupe has it's own web site and now it also has a blog to keep all and sundry interested parties up to speed on the progress of the restoration. He has posted a number of photos there and will be keeping Jaguar lovers around the world up to date on his work. You might even see a photo or two of yours truly doing his best to stay out of the way while real work is being done on the car.

Check out his blog often - the cat could be on the road sooner than you might imagine.  

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  1. Pretty smooth way to keep the pressure on me to keep the blog up. :-) Thanks!


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