Sunday, July 3, 2011

Grandsons are Fun - And Useful!

There's a thermostat in here
Our oldest grandson, nearly-five-year-old-William, is starting kindergarten this fall. The magnet school he will attend required a two week 'bridging' program to help get the little tykes in the frame of mind to learn. Since this was his first 'big school' experience, my better half told him that he could spend the night at our house when the two week session was done. He seems to think that it is a major deal to stay with us, so that's fine by me.

A Mini-qualified mechanic
He spent most of his time on his bicycle, ably demonstrating his new two-wheeled skill and generally staying close by. He was rummaging around the garage and found a stash of old Mini parts, one them being a head. For some reason he was fascinated with it so I set him up with some tools and showed him how to remove the thermostat housing and heater valve. 

It kept him busy for a while and he got a sense of accomplishment using the hand tools to take something apart. He even got some souvenir greasy hands in the deal.

I hope his parents are ready to find disassembled appliances in their house.   

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