Saturday, July 2, 2011

SABCC Wine Tasting

The wine tasting activity was one of the most well-attended events on the club calendar this year with nearly 25 SABCC'ers signing up for the June 25th do.

Our host pours a white
Many members dropped in a little early to browse the wine cellar and check the impressive selection of imported and high gravity domestic beers on hand. We found a very tidy shop with a cozy wine bar and comfortable seating  - the perfect spot to enjoy a glass of quality wine and conversation with good friends.  

One of the tables set up for the tasting
Hosted by the folks at Daphne's Vino e Birra wine shop, the event was a 'blind' tasting (no, we didn't have to close our eyes) in that we were served wines from varieties that were listed on a form at each seat. With up to 10 grape varieties listed, we had to use our senses to determine what each sample was. The Vino e Birra staff took time to explain the characteristics (color, nose, taste) of the varieties on our list and we then had to describe the characteristics of the wine using a list of accepted attributes. A number of us had some idea as to what we enjoyed, but many of the group had not taken the time slow down and actually taste and analyze wine.

We're into the reds, now
We were served two white wines and four reds. My long-suffering spouse enjoyed the white offerings, but was a bit put off by most of the reds. A couple of knowledgeable SABCC'ers commented that the reds were likely very young wines. 

The group enjoyed a few laughs and the company of their fellow club members during the tasting. The wines were complemented by a generous cheese and fruit tray brought to the event by Linda Ross. 

When the last sample had been poured, it was up to us to determine what, exactly, we sampled. The hosts asked for our selections from the variety list and, as a group, we failed miserably. I think only three our four members of the group nailed even one of the samples. Did that mean we had a bad time? Absolutely not. Everyone departed with smile on their face and many of us found wines, beers or exotic soft drinks that we bought to sample later.

Thanks Vino e Birra and the members of SABCC who attended.

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