Friday, September 30, 2011

I Think I've Seen This Before...

New MINI Coupe
The folks behind the wildly successful MINI revival just can't get it wrong, it would seem. Every variation of the new MINI model has been well received by the public with dealers not able to keep up with the demand for the new wagons, SUVs and now the MINI Coupe.This taut little two seater features a lower roofline and an opening boot. While to some eyes it is groundbreaking design, I can see where the inspiration came from: the Broadspeed GT. 

Broadspeed was originally set up to provide hotted-up engines for racing with special expertise in Ford Anglia powerplants as well as BMC A-series engines. The firm also fielded racing teams in the 1960s where they campaigned their own Anglias and Mini-Coopers with some success. 

Broadspeed GT
In 1966, firm owner Ralph Broad developed the Broadspeed GT - a Mini-Cooper S with lower roofline and opening boot. The GT retained the four seat layout of the Mini-Cooper on which it was based, but added numerous interior luxuries like an upscale dashboard with improved instrumentation, leather seating and aftermarket steering wheel . Broadspeed was actually the manufacturer of record as the cars were badged Broadspeed and not Austin or Morris.   

I've noted in these humble scribblings that MINI is reaching way back in the history cupboard for new model ideas. Now, how about a new MINI Moke?

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