Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jamaican Vibes - Sounds Good to Me

The most famous Jamaican - Bob Marley
SABCC made a return trip to the popular Jamaican Vibes restaurant in Mobile on Saturday, September 17th. The club was warmly greeted by the proprietors, Noel and Mona.

Regulars of the place quickly ordered their favorites from the extensive menu of authentic Jamaican cuisine with brown stew chicken quickly selling out. Newcomers were a little more cautious and Noel ("Tips" to his friends) offered small tasters to help with the decision process. While I enjoyed my brown stew chicken, my long suffering wife threw caution to the wind and ordered up a plate of jerk shrimp. 

Bring on the chow!
Members passed samples of their dishes around the table to share the experience of something exotic - for our part of the world, anyway. It was hard to not tap your feet or nod your head in time with the reggae tunes playing in the background while we scarfed down delicacies like curry goat, jerk chicken and salt fish and ackee. Noel and Mona made sure that everyone was well fed and treated like family while we were there.  

We enjoyed the dishes so much that we ordered up a couple of trays of jerk chicken wings for the SABCC British Car Festival Friday night welcome party. Wanna try some? See you at the party! 

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