Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Half-Century Observance

Mini Cooper
If you want know when the golden age of British automotive industry occurred, check out the several posts I've put up this year observing a number of "50th Anniversaries". Yep, it hit its stride 50 years ago.

The latest addition to the 2011 fifty year anniversary parade is the Mini Cooper. While the original Mini was introduced in 1959, it took only two years for John Cooper (of competition car building fame) to convince BMH Chairman Sir Leonard Lord and Mini designer Alec Issigonis that the little car had performance possibilities and then develop it for sale.

Cooper added a hotted-up engine, front disc brakes and a much improved gearchange along a few cosmetic alterations. The package proved quite popular with weekend racers and rally entrants. 

Happy birthday little guy! 

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