Friday, November 25, 2011

SABCC Movie Night - A Small But Enthusiastic Crowd

Garagemahal Theatre Ready for the Feature
The third in the SABCC Movie Night series was the most over-the-top effort yet from event host and AV expert Richard Cunningham. Using his contacts in the display and video industry, he was able to obtain the largest screen we've ever had along with a high-powered video projector to go with his amped-up sound system. The transformation of the spacious garage into movie theater mode was the result of a full day's work by Richard and his visiting guest, Steve Madosik of Colorado. Thanks, guys!

As always, the popcorn machine was ably attended by our own Jack Ross who made sure that bags of the steaming, buttery delicacy were ready for the crowd. Donna Cunningham had coffee ready as well as an artfully-arranged selection of theater-style candy nearby.   
A Few of the British Cars in Attendance

 This year, the feature was Tucker - The Man and His Dream and it did not disappoint the audience made up of SABCC'ers and members of the Panhandle British Car Association and the Mardi Gras MGs. The film traced the arc of the flamboyant Preston Tucker's foray into the automobile manufacturing business and the ultimate failure of the venture due to powerful industrial and political interest's behind the scenes efforts. It was a story of unflagging optimism meeting the forces special interests.

The attendees brought along their own comfy chairs for the evening (this is a garage, you know) and arranged them for their own "best seat in the house", some of them almost under Richard's Jaguar E-Type restoration project sitting high on the lift. A brief intermission allowed everyone to refill their snacks and drinks in preparation for the second half of the film. 

Mike Darby Chats with Jeannie Schmitz
Everyone who attended expressed their appreciation for the film and efforts of our hosts with round of applause at the end of the feature. People were in no hurry to depart, such was the pleasure of the event.

SABCC owes a debt of thanks to Richard and Donna Cunningham and to their guest Steve Madosik for their hard work and hospitality on the evening.   

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