Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Metropolitan Finds a Home in Mobile

Go Get 'em, Tiger
This photo is from the captivating collections housed at the Museum of Mobile Collection - McCall Library of the University of South Alabama Archives that I wanted to share with you.

I've had the privilege of visiting there in person and found the staff enthusiastic and helpful. From time to time I look in via the Internet as they are always posting new and interesting finds.

The photo is from Thigpen Studios in Mobile and is likely a publicity shot taken for Hardy Motor Company - the Nash dealer for the area. The photo was taken on May 11, 1954 and the accompanying information does not identify the nattily dressed gentlemen in it but it appears it was to kick off the new Nash Metropolitan.  
The Former Hardy Motor Company Site

Hardy Motor Company occupied a building at 657 St. Louis Street in downtown Mobile near the intersection of Dearborn Street. I've included a screen shot from Google Earth that shows the former dealership as it is today - a nondescript building without any signage. 

St. Louis Street in Mobile was the home most of the new car dealers in the city up until the 1970s when many of the surviving businesses moved west to follow the population shift away from the downtown area.

We see very few of the British-built Metropolitans at our club events, but we would certainly welcome their presence.

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  1. If my memory serves me correctly, in the final years of the Hardy dealership, it occupied the building on the southeast corner of Dauphin and Broad streets. The building now houses the American Red Cross. My Godfather was a loyal customer there. I need to check and see if I am remembering correctly.


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