Friday, November 11, 2011

There Will Always Be an England

While we Yanks tow trailers, the British enjoy "caravanning" wherein the hobby's participants travel to twee camp sites in search of peace and quiet and perhaps a little socializing. Top Gear presenters never miss an opportunity to heap scorn on caravanners, but they likely never saw a caravan rally.

The British Pathé website- that repository of all things properly British - has clip of a caravan rally that took place in 1960. Having never seen a rally, I have to admit I was seriously impressed with the events that the planners put forth and the gusto with which the participants approached them. I am certainly captivated with the tow cars in the film with Jaguars, Rovers, Humbers and even a punching-above-its-weight-class Mini. Hot laps, smoking panic stops and a tight slalom are featured prominently.

Check out the clip and see if you can identify the estate car about three quarters of the way through the film for me.


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  1. I think the mystery estate is a Standard Vanguard Vignale from the early 60's. Mike.


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