Friday, December 30, 2011

Morgan Celebrates the 4/4's Jubliee Year

Morgan Motor Company has unveiled a commemorative 4/4 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the introduction of the firm's first four wheel, four cylinder vehicle. Until 1937, Morgans were three-wheeled affairs powered by two cylinder air cooled engines.

Official Morgan Photo
From the official Morgan press release:

"Today Morgan Motor Company announced the specification for the latest Morgan Four Four offering. Created to honour the 75th anniversary of the iconic Morgan 4/4, the Anniversary edition will be produced as a limited run special. Morgan Motor Company state that the 75th Anniversary combines “the low size and weight benefits of the entry level 4/4 with the power train from the larger more powerful Morgan Plus 4. A carefully selected set of standard options, with additional unique body graphics, completes arguably the best standard combination of body, engine and aesthetic in the Morgan Classic range.” This new Morgan 4/4 Sports car is being offered in 3 colours: Sport Black, Sport Red and Old English White. All come with black perforated leather interior, carpets, hood and wheels. The dashboard is polished Tawny ash and a Mota Lita wheel is standard. The combination of the Ford sourced 2.0 engine from the Classic Plus 4 and the narrow wings of the standard 4/4 should make for a very spirited drive.

The car is available for £38,750 (Approx US$60,000) + on the road charges from Morgan Motor Company and their associated dealers".

At present it is unclear whether it will be offered in the US.  

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