Monday, January 16, 2012

A New Look for the SABCC Website

If you haven't looked in on the South Alabama British Car Club's website lately, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. This afternoon, the newly renovated site went live.

A lot of the content will be familiar but the graphics -as well as a number of features- are brand new. Some of the improvements include:
  • An events calendar with all the latest SABCC events noted. There is even a mapping feature that shows the location of the event on Google Maps.
  • A photo slide show consisting of photos from the mid 1990s until the present time.
  • Easier to use navigation buttons and links to help you find your way around the site.
  • More photos from club events.
  • An expanded links page.
We owe a debt of gratitude to club president Richard Cunningham for his efforts in mastering some new web site creation software to bring these improvements to fruition. The original SABCC web was launched in the late 1990s on the gone but not forgotten Geocities hosting platform. I worked up a web site mostly as a personal challenge to see if I could do one. As time passed, the club reserved the URL (having just nosed out the South Australian Blind Cricket Club for the address) and then moved to paid hosting servers.

If you would like to see the changes the club web site has undergone over the years, check out these links:
As you can see the site has undergone many changes - some good and some best forgotten. Bear in mind that the Wayback Machine Internet Archive does not do a perfect job of rendering the old sites, but it's close. Sadly, the Geocities site is long defunct.

We will be making a number of further improvements in the site as time permits.

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