Monday, January 16, 2012

The "Australian" Stop on the Tour of the Empire

Checking out Menus
The 2012 activity calendar of the South Alabama British Car Club was kicked off last Saturday evening with another stop on the club's Tour of the Empire - the gustatory visit of nations of the former British Empire.

Mobile, Alabama is a middling large city (somewhere in the top 100 in America) so we have a few restaurants representing those former holdings. To date, we've "visited" Hong Kong, India and Jamaica and the members were looking forward to the Australian stop in the form of the Outback Steakhouse. 

Before the hate mail rolls in from the island continent let me let me state clearly that I know that there is a decided lack of true Aussie cuisine available on the Outback Steakhouse menu, but play along with us - we enjoyed a good meal and the fine company of our fellow club members. As soon as a brave soul opens an eatery serving  items like meat pies and sausage rolls, we'll be some of the first in line to try it. For now, this chain restaurant will have to do. 

The gap in the tables was for the fire marshal
The Outback staff was ready for our group of 25 hungry souls and sat us in a long line of tables and benches. With just two servers taking care of our group, the drinks and appetizers were served quickly and mostly error-free. The signature "Bloomin' Onion" was a popular choice, but it is certainly a cardiologist's nightmare. Yeah, our table had one, too.

The SABCC'ers were in deep conversation about everything from current automotive projects and activity ideas to keeping up with family news and welcoming new members. The arrival of the entrees (perfectly timed to hit the tables at almost the same moment) was the only thing that quietened the chatter. 

Oi mate - your Union Jack is upside down!
Choices ranged from beef to seafood and combinations of the two. With just a couple of minor exceptions, the meals were delivered as ordered and everyone enjoyed their respective choices. With portions as large as were served the dessert menu was untouched and we took our leave.

Stepping out of the restaurant into the cool night air we were greeted with the unmistakable aroma of cannabis. Someone was somewhere in the parking lot was working on their own illegal smile.     

So where will the next stop on the tour be? Right now, the list includes Ireland and the good ol' US of A. Stay tuned for details. 

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