Monday, February 20, 2012

Abbey Road - Right Now

The Abbey Road Album Cover
The Beatles (and later the individual members of the group) provided a lot of the soundtrack that we associate with our classic British cars. Of their many albums as a group, Abbey Road stands out as, well, an outstanding album from their incredible body of work. 

The cover of the Abbey Road album was shot in a crosswalk on Abbey Road, not far from Abbey Road Studios where the Fab Four recorded a number of their records. This cover shot provided even more "evidence" in the Paul is dead hysteria that swept Beatles fandom in 1969.

A Shot from the Abbey Road Web Cam
Today, Abbey Road Studios is still a thriving concern in northwest London and it is on the must-see list of  London tourists, mostly as a backdrop for their own Abbey Road cover shot. The nice folks at the studios have set up a web cam complete with sound that captures the silliness in the crosswalk. Since pedestrians have the right of way in the UK, drivers have no alternative to stop while the less than considerate visitors lined up just so for their souvenir photo.

The web cam gives your inner voyeur a chance to get a peek of the famous site as well as a glimpse of what is being driven in London these days.   

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