Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hemmings Takes On eBay Motors

I am delighted to see that our friends at Hemmings Motor News announced that they are now offering a completely new service where you can sell your auto parts via a special corner of the Hemmings web site. The Hemmings staff apparently saw that sellers of parts were often lost in the sea of cars offered on their site and in print. They also likely heard the collector car hobby's complaints of high fees and abuse of sellers by eBay Motors. 

In a nutshell, Hemmings is providing:
  • A flat $4.99 fee
  • No cut of the sale
  • A three month listing (or until it sells - whichever comes first)
  • PayPal payment option
I have had extensive experience selling parts on eBay Motors and grumbled each time I reviewed the fees taken for listing, selling and transactions (read PayPal). These ever-increasing fees and stories of scammed sellers (with little recourse through eBay) lead me to cancel my account of many years standing.    

Check out the full story at Hemmings.

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