Monday, February 6, 2012

Billy Preston's Bentley

William Everett Preston was the '60s leading session keyboardist backing up such superstars as Ray Charles and Sam Cooke before gaining fame in his own right by being given an artist's credit on the Beatles smash hit "Get Back". He also appears in the iconic Apple Records rooftop Beatles concert film.  Billy went on to a successful solo career in the '70s with his best-known hit "Will It Go Round In Circles".

Billy was good to himself in that he bought a white Bentley and installed a rockin'  Craig tape player - according to the advert at left.

I'm not sure of the model of the car, but the number plate is quite visible. Does anyone know if it is still on the road today?

Billy Preston left us all too soon in 2006.

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  1. I was a second engineer in '82 and he had me drive it to get some food. That's all I can tell you, except that
    the inside was trashed.


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