Friday, July 27, 2012

Diggin' the Scene with a Spitfire Lean

Many of us recall the mostly black and white world that was the realm of enthusiast publications in the 1970s and before. Color was reserved for the covers and the occasional big-buck launch ad. As time progressed and costs were driven down more advertisers took advantage of color.

The shades-of-gray ad here is from 1974 and touts the cornering prowess of the Triumph Spitfire. The copywriter felt the need to educate the reader about cornering G-forces in a few words to make the comparison that followed as compelling as possible. It was also a subtle way of reminding potential customers that the whole rear axle tuck thing was now tamed.

Triumph's smallest car in the US at the time was actually modestly priced at $3,295.00, or a tad over $15,000.00 in 2012 dollars.

Happy 50th birthday Spitfire!

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