Friday, July 27, 2012

An "A" for Effort

My brother, Alan, of whom I've mentioned in these ramblings has just become an owner of an MGA. This 1961 1600 Roadster spent its life on the Gulf Coast, its last twenty years locked away in a garage. 

But She has a Great Personality...
I heard about the car through the Internet grapevine and thought it might be worth looking over. I didn't have the time, space or resources for another car, so I passed it along to Alan who has had a hankering for one for a number of years. He made contact with the owner who was trying to clear out his mother's house and get it ready for sale. The owner had plans to restore the MG "one day", but the expense of restoration and having it hauled from south Alabama to his home central Florida meant that it was time to let it go. 

Alan looked it over and made a fair offer which was accepted. The seller is graciously allowing the car to remain in the garage until Alan finds space for it near his house. 

The MGA is complete, bodywise with the aluminum panels all present and accounted for. The fenders (wings for the UK audience) had been removed and primed at some point. The engine and driveline are unknown quantities at the moment, but they will be inspected as soon as the car is moved to its new home. 

At this point Alan is not sure of his next move. He may disassemble the car and sell the parts to other MGA restorers or he may consider reasonable offers for it as it sits. Stay tuned.

Update - Alan has decided to sell the car on. I'll be happy to pass along messages if you're interested.

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