Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Ford V8 and an Aristocratic Accent

This video was produced in 1937 by the Ford Motor Company of England to apparently introduce the joys and convenience of driving to women. The film short extolls the virtues of driving the children to school and motoring to the High Street shops. The optional vanity mirrors (rather crudely bolted through the visors) are highlighted as is a radio ("R-r-r-radio"). The model is never mentioned (females just wouldn't understand, you know), but it is obviously Ford V8s in the film.

The film is narrated by British novelist Ursula Bloom in an accent that oozes proper upbringing of the day. A prolific writer, Ursula wrote biographies, and romances and was a regular on British television until her death in 1984.

Pay close attention to the pre-war scenes and spare a thought for the tribulations the people of Britain were about to face.

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