Friday, April 11, 2014

British Car Festival 2014 Venue Change

After three successful years on the South Lawn of Faulkner State Community College in downtown Fairhope, 2014's British Car Festival is on the move. 

Last year Dr. John L. Borum, the college's chancellor shared the plans for development of the South Lawn. He told show officials that the school was to build a pavilion, restrooms and an attractive wall around the perimeter of the field. He stressed that he was doing his best to schedule the construction so that the festival would not be affected. It turns out that circumstances will not allow the site to be finished in time for the show. 

Site committee members reacted quickly and approached Fairhope United Methodist Church - the site of last year's Friday evening welcome party - about moving the show to their lovely church campus. The church leadership graciously agreed and British Car Festival has a site directly across the street from the college venue. 

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The church site is shaded by old-growth oak trees and the show site is a mixture of well-maintained asphalt and fine gravel. There is a gourmet class barbeque pit near the site as well as restrooms and a dining hall open to the event. It is one block further south from downtown Fairhope so access to the shops and galleries will be just as convenient. 

SABCC is looking forward to another fine British Car Festival on October 25th as we celebrate the musical "British Invasion" of 1964 and the fiftieth anniversary of the introduction of Sunbeam's V8 powered Tiger.

A partial view of the show site- Click for a larger image

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