Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kiwi's Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Classic & Sports Car Magazine's January 2013 Issue
Classic and Sports Car magazine, the self-proclaimed "best classic car magazine in the world" have let their standards slide a bit. The January 2013 issue (complete with a cool calendar) is hitting UK newsstands tomorrow, December 6th and in it is a brief article in the Your Classics section about Kiwi, your faithful blogger's 1973 Mini.

The magazine's staff writes about their trials and tribulations with classic cars in the Our Classics section and invites their readers to submit their own stories about classic car ownership. Our Classics almost always includes a photo or two of the writers in grease stained coveralls ministering to the needs of their fleet and there is normally a useful tip or two passed on to the reader.

Taking the bait, I wrote up a brief story about the Mini and sent it to the designated email address about a year ago. To my surprise, one of the associate editors sent a note a couple of months back saying that C&SC would like to run it and could I provide some further information?

The staff members that I corresponded with were enthusiastic and quite generous in their assessment of the story provided. 

Sadly, the January issue won't hit the US shelves until almost February. It's going to be long wait.


  1. I am able to confirm the rumour that our humble blogger received a Major Award at the South Alabama British Car Club's annual Yuletide bash. Congratulations, Mr. Wordsmith.

  2. Congratulations Rodney! It sure is nice to have such influential friends.


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